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Les Nuits Lumière

Carte interactive des Nuits Lumière

Les Nuits Lumière de Bourges : a spectacular night-time

Created in 1999, the course has been reinvented in 2019 thanks to video mapping.
On 4 sites linked by a blue thread and guided by Ursine, the emblem of Jean de Berry, take advantage of this itinerary to discover or rediscover Bourges.
The Night Lights invite you to a gentle night stroll in the historic centre of Bourges, wrapped in a blue veil thanks to the lanterns that guide you along the route.

4 places to discover

Hotel Lallemant Museum: jewel of the Renaissance

Hotel Lallemant Museum: jewel of the RenaissanceThe Lallemant Hotel is a family residence built between 1497 and 1506. Built 15 years before the beginning of Chambord’s works, it is one of the earliest examples of the French Renaissance, probably decorated by Italian artists. We find here what was done in northern Italy in the 15th century, a mixture of artistic innovations and the persistence of the Gothic taste for ornamentation and fantastic figures. Its owners were men of culture, owners of the illuminated books that you admire on the facade. A stop that makes you travel between the Berry and Lombardy, at the dawn of the 16th century...

Estève Museum –Aldermen Hotel

The first town hall, built at the end of the 15th century, now houses the museum dedicated to the painter Maurice Estève (1904-2001). What could be more natural then to dedicate this place to colour and the arts in all their forms! Geoffroy Tory, a 16th century Berruyer typographer who introduced the comma and the apostrophe into the French language, Jean Boucher, a 17th century painter, Marcel Bascoulard, a brilliant cartoonist and “tramp artist” who walked the streets of the city in the 20th century… And because in Bourges, artistic creation is also written in the present and in the future, the works of the students of the École Nationale Supérieure d'Art, nearby, open new horizons...

The Jacques Cœur Palace

The Jacques Coeur PalaceIn front of the Jacques Cœur Palace, you dive into the tormented history of the Hundred Years War. Its builder, the son of a merchant, dealer and ship-owner, was the first Frenchman to maintain close commercial relations with the Levant countries. Entitled Chancellor to the Exchequer by Charles VII, Jacques Cœur financed the conquest of the kingdom before being banished. His iniquitous trial, his organized escape with the support of the Pope and his mysterious death on the island of Chios, make him a romantic character. This house, an inspiring and powerful architectural masterpiece, heralds the castles of the Loire Valley.

The former Archdiocese

The former ArchdioceseThe archdiocese palace, built in the 17th century, became the town hall in 1910. An incredible scene to discover contemporary Bourges! From department stores to economic success stories like the Forestines or Monin syrups, still present in Bourges after more than 100 years, through the industrial and military expansion of the 19th century, this journey ends with the Printemps de Bourges (Spring Festival of Bourges), created in 1977, and the women’s basketball team, 14 times French champion and three times Euroleague winner.
Let Ursine guide you on a summer night…

Practical information

Free circuit,
Every evening from 10pm until midnight in June and July, and from 9.30pm until midnight during August and September.
Blue atmosphere from nightfall until 1am.
The monuments (with the exception of the former archdiocese) are open for day visits. The latter houses the museum of the Best Workers of France.

Les Nuits Lumière

Duration of show : about 2 km (1hr 30 min)

Car Parks: Place Séraucourt (free)
Parking for Buses: Avenue Eugène Brisson (near the Cathedral)

Les Nuits Lumière - french version Les Nuits Lumière - spanish version