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Art galleries

Le Château d'Eau (The Water Tower)

chateau d'eauInaugurated in 1867, added in 1975 to the Historic Buildings Inventory, the Water Tower was entirely transformed in 1999 into a place dedicated to the diffusion of the Visual Arts.
Its ground floor of 220 m2, with its two concentric spans separated by 16 columns and girdled of 14 cells, allows a unique presentation of works, either painted, carved, engraved, drawn, projected or hammered.
Space of circulation of works and public, place for discovery and exchanges, the Water Tower accomodates all year long exhibitions which are carefully selected by a 8 members Programming Committee.


La Box

La Box The BOX Gallery, which is part of the School of Fine Arts, organises around 10 temporary exhibitions each year. Always accompanied by a catalogue, they present the more remarkable developments in contemporary art and run from October to June, with only short interruptions to allow putting up and taking down.
Each year, four artists in residence can take advantage of the School's facilities and the Box enables them to exhibit their work in an original environment.



galerie Pictura Pictura association, dedicated to the graphic arts, exposes during all the year contemporary artists.
Created in 1997, the gallery, located at the heart of Bourges, accomodates each year ten creators, with a highlight on a young artist supported by the association.
In addition, many school establishments come regularly to the gallery for a series of didactic visits.



Transpalette Another place for the contemporary art.
A space which proposes to confront the architectural data of a place with a strong industrial inheritance with the work of contemporary artists.
Established in a pluricultural waste land, Transpalette positions an artist's desire and its relationship with the spirit of a place where practices, creators and visitors meet.


L'Autre Rive

L'autre Rive "L'Autre Rive" is a place of meetings, exchanges and sharing open to space of creation and life, a voyage inside ourselves and other people..



galerie Art-tensionLocated in downtown Bourges (France), Art-Tension is a two-story contemporary art gallery which has been welcoming international artists since 2004. Ms Chen and her husband Jang-Ha have managed this gallery while continuing their own artistic activity in France and abroad for several years.
Young artists from Asia and from the West show their achievements and exchange their views on today's art. Single artist exhibits or group exhibits are selected by the art board or on proposal of commission members' projects.
Portfolio submissions sent directly by artists are welcomed. Yearly programming is decided upon strict criteria, while frequency of exhibits is kept on a one-per-month basis, ranging from Painting, Video, Installation, Sculpture to Photography, and so on.