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Floral displays

greenhouseWith more than 50 m2 of parks per capita, classified as “4 flowers” and great national price of floral display for many years, Bourges is one of the greenest cities of France.

Each season, the municipality flowers all the districts with different species.
In autumn, about 12.000 chrysanthemums, produced by the Parks Municipal Service, are laid out on 65 different sites.

Bourges' National Pelargonium Conservatory, which is situated in the Municipal Nurseries, boasts over 780 different varieties of Pelargonium.
Created in the late 1980s, it is one of the specialised plant collections conservatories.



The Floriades Association also organises guided tours of parks and gardens in Bourges, visits to flower shows and horticultural activities.

Street plantings

street plantingBourges has a rich heritage indeed with 11 000 trees lining its streets, forming a green framework which links the different parts of the town. With over 60 different species, they constitute one of the elements of biodiversity in an urban environment. In addition to a majority of plane trees, there are also some more original species, such as the soapberry trees in Rue Marx Dormoy, the Byzantium hazel trees in Boulevard Joffre and Avenue Pompidou and the decorative apple trees in Boulevard Chanzy. Each year, new trees are planted, ever diversifying, ever enriching Bourges' heritage.