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Val d'Auron lake

val d'AuronCreated in 1977, the Val d'Auron lake, less than 2 km from the city centre, has an area of 84 ha with angling, sailing, rowing and kayaking enjoyed throughout the year.
The large trees and vast lawns around the banks encourage people to be physically active as well as to relax. Here, you can play sports such as football, badminton, kite flying, etc or walk along la “Trouée Verte” (the green path leading to the city centre). A few steps away are the tennis courts, a riding school, and an 18-hole golf course.
The island on the lake has become a resting place for many species of migratory birds, which you will be able to learn to recognize with the help of local clubs. Children will love watching the ducks, geese and swans, many of which live on the banks of the lake.

At the southern end, in Plaimpied, you will find a leisure park, a squash court and a picnic area with barbecues. If you are up for it, you can discover the Canal du Berry up to the “Etourneau” lock.
The lake is protected by various laws (National Reserve for Hunting and Wild Fauna, Protection of Biotope), because of its ecological interest. In partnership with the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO, equivalent to The RSPB), the City registered this site as an LPO refuge.
The lake is skirted by a zone of water collecting fields, which provides drinking water for the City of Bourges, which is a sign of the quality of this site!

The Parks Service has established various methods of managing the banks of the lake. Over an area of 50 ha, the banks are incorporated into a very neat urban landscape. However 2/3 of the site offers natural space. The lawn, which four years ago was mowed once a week, is now cut only once a year, in August, by a farmer. Thus, the indigenous flowers can develop and decorate the meadows again. This back to "nature" movement is however closely monitored by the gardeners (collecting of waste...) in order to avoid any degradation of the landscape and to keep the site clean.