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Music and dance conservatory

music & dance conservatoryThe Bourges National School of Music and Dance was founded in 1921. Today's Conservatory of Music and Dance is housed since 2007 in a brand new building, rated "High environmental quality" and including a 500 seats auditorium.
With more than one thousand students, it has two main purposes: to train talented amateurs, and to prepare pupils for the high level examinations necessary to become a music and dance professional. The Director and teachers of the National School of Music and Dance meet the recruitment criteria required by the Ministry of Culture.
There are a number of former students who are active in the music industry today, both nationally and internationally: soloists, chamber music orchestras, members of national and regional orchestras, teaching (Higher National Conservatory of Music of Paris, Conservatories of Music, Regional Conservatories, National Education...) or in various other areas of music.
Throughout his schooling, the student - musician or dancer, participates in a number of events organized by the NSMD
Classes with adapted timetables start from the age of 6 or 7. Recruitment is carried out by means of aptitude tests organized in May each year.
Music helps to develop memory, discipline, organization, personal and collective responsibilities, and initiative. It develops personal culture, and is instrumental in the development of personality.
In partnership with the National Education System and the Cultural Institutions of Bourges, the Conservatoty of Music and Dance contributes, to the reduction of inequality in artistic education.

Conservatory of Music and Dance
34 rue Henri Sellier

parking Plateau d'Auron
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