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cinema Mega CGR Inaugurated in July 2000, the multiplex CGR cinema complex of Bourges is located on the Prado Rehabilitation Zone, a location that combines easy access - as it's not far from the city centre - and parking facilities with a 620 space car park.
The 12 amphitheatre rooms with their 100 to 600 seats, for a total sitting capacity of 2,570 seats, offer a digitalized "dolby-surround" sound system and 12 to 20 meter wide concave screens.
About 15 films are proposed every week, a third of which are the latest national releases. Special time slots are reserved to previews and debates on documentaries.

"Le Cinéma"

CinemaSimply called "Le Cinéma" in May 1998, the "Art and Essai" room of the Arts Centre of Bourges proposes an average of 150 films a year ; among them, there are works of art and movies current events (with a majority of national releases and even previews). All foreign films are in their original language with subtitles. The programming focuses on specific directors by showing their films. As for theatre plays, the managers of the "Maison de la Culture" are always on the look-out for any new outstanding work of art.
"Ciné-goûter" particularly targets the young audience put in contact with the world of pictures. For the very young ones (3 to 4 years old), there are 30-to-40- minute fictions ; for the older ones (10 to 12 years old), there are current event themes leading to discussions.