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Sport schools

sport schoolTo give access to sports activities to all boys and girls is the aim of the sports schools set up by the City of Bourges.

The aim is not to train them as champions-to-be, but to make them like sports : a child who is given the possibility to try different sports will then be able to choose if he wants to join a local club.

Trained by local teachers or State Diploma qualified sports teachers, the children can discover the fundamental values of sport : team spirit, respect of the others, self-control ...


Rock climbing, horse riding, golf, motobiking, gliding ... up to 30 activities can be practised by more than 850 young people of Bourges, aged 4 to 16, during the school year. The proposed prices make this practice available to anyone and it is not necessary to buy any specific equipment. If they wish, the children can practise two activities according to their taste. After two years in the same activity, they can change or join a club to improve themselves.